Table of contents

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February 14

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
11:30–11:55am        Introduction to the Alliance support for Digital Humanities Research
12:00–1:20pm Introduction to Machine Learning Introduction to Voyant
1:30–2:50pm Introduction to the Unix Command Line
3:00–4:20pm Introduction to OpenRefine Introduction to programming in Python Introduction to programming in R

February 15

Session 1
11:30am–12:50pm Sensitive Data Project
1:00–2:20pm Research Data Management (RDM) for Humanists
2:30–3:50pm Data Management Plan (DMP) Assistant

February 16

Session 1
Session 2
11:30am–1:20pm   Machine Learning for HSS Using Voyant & Spyral
1:30–2:50pm Web scraping with R
3:00–3:55pm Authoring dynamic scientific documents with Markdown & Quarto

February 17

Session 1
12:00–3:00pm     Bring your own project!